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Sat, 23 Sept



Hunt at Slough Fort (Allhalows)

In the darkened realm of Allhallows Kent, there stood a fortress shrouded in a sinister aura, beckoning intrepid souls to embark on a full-blown ghost hunt.

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Hunt at Slough Fort (Allhalows)
Hunt at Slough Fort (Allhalows)

Time & Location

23 Sept 2023, 20:00 – 24 Sept 2023, 01:00

Allhallows, The Brimp, Allhallows, Rochester ME3 9QD, UK

About the Event

In the darkened realm of Allhallows Kent, there stood a fortress shrouded in a sinister aura, beckoning intrepid souls to embark on a full-blown ghost hunt. Its name whispered with trepidation, was Slough Fort, a dwelling that harbored a history steeped in despair and dread.

Born in 1867, this D-shaped bastion rose from the earth, its purpose to guard against unseen perils lurking along the vulnerable stretch of the River Thames. Amidst a time of tension with France, the fort stood resolute, a sentinel of fear, prepared to repel any enemy landing that dared to breach its formidable walls.

Initially, seven 7-inch rifled breech-loaders, those instruments of death, found their abode within the fort's casemates. A trio of officers, accompanied by one NCO and a legion of seventy-five other souls, served as its garrison, prepared to defend their post against the encroaching specter of doom.

But fate, that wicked mistress, had more in store for Slough Fort. Between the months of October 1889 and December 1891, as if an unholy pact had been struck, two wing batteries materialized from the shadows, forged from concrete and malice. Positioned on either side of the fortress, they possessed an ominous purpose, a harbinger of calamity to come.

As if guided by some malevolent force, a range finder position sprouted upon the fort's roof, a vantage point from which unseen eyes observed the unfolding horrors. The new batteries, hallowed halls of destruction, embraced their sinister guests—two 9.2-inch and two 6-inch breech loaders, their menacing maws concealed within the earth. With disappearing mountings, they would descend below ground once their maleficent power had been unleashed, capable of striking a battleship from a distance far beyond mortal comprehension.

Such abominations were not the tools of mere mortals; they were instruments of damnation, designed to sow chaos and terror upon the turbulent waters. The spirits that inhabited Slough Fort, restless souls trapped in a cycle of torment, found themselves tethered to these weapons of despair, their ethereal presence intertwining with the machinery of death.

And so, the haunted fort stood, its stony visage concealing a torrent of tortured spirits and malignant energies. It awaited the arrival of those brave enough to venture into its heart, the first team ever to pierce the veil and witness the unholy communion of the living and the dead. The air itself hung heavy with anticipation, an intangible pall that clung to the fort's decaying walls, ready to envelop any foolhardy souls who dared to challenge the terrors within.

Dread and fascination entwined, drawing the courageous few toward Slough Fort, a macabre dance of mortal curiosity and supernatural malevolence. The stage was set for an encounter with the unknown, a ghastly performance in which the boundaries between life and death blurred, and the chilling cries of the past echoed through the night.


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