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Ghostly Tales From A Grave Digger

As you can imagine we go and investigate lots of very interesting places and locations, we are currently in lockdown like everyone else and we were having an online discussion about the most haunted places we can think of, castles, forts were obviously there and then someone said they thought grave yards have just got to be - so we thought we would ask a grave digger for their thoughts on it !! We didn't exact expect what we got back!

'I work at Maidstone cemetery and have seen a few things. One occasion was whilst working towards the top of the cemetery, near to the war graves section. 2 of my colleagues were on a section called pp1 next to the war graves, and I was around 150 meters away from them but could see across to where they were digging a grave. As I drove towards them I could see a woman standing behind one of my colleagues just over his shoulder in a long brown coat, clearly talking to him in an animated way with her arms moving around. I watched this going on whilst driving the dumper thinking to myself what does this person want, then when around 30 meters away from them, went past a conifer tree that blocked my view for a split second, then the woman was gone. When I got over to my colleague I asked him what did she want, he said what the hell are you talking about, I said the woman you were talking to, where did she go (as its an open piece of the cemetery with nowhere to disappear to) he looked at me like I'd lost the plot and I was the only one who had seen her.

Another occasion was when unlocking the gates at 6.50 in the morning, I had opened one gate and driven into the cemetery, while driving to another gate I saw a small boy, probably 6/8 years old running across one of the older sections called R1 in Victorian era clothing, the sort of thing work house kids are depicted as wearing, I drove around to the other side of the section while watching him run across, when I turned the corner of the section where I would of been right in front of him he disappeared

Seen quite a few disappearing people and so has my colleague, like seeing someone walking in the distance, getting closer while driving and they disappear, my colleague gets all jumpy about it so we sort of pretend it hasn't happened now!

Have you got any haunted experiences you can share with us? get in touch we would love to hear them

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