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Dorchester Prison, a place of pure Victorian detention, is a grim and imposing structure that still stands tall to this day. But what many don't know is that this prison is also haunted, and the terror within its walls is enough to make even the bravest soul tremble.


GHT, the experts in ghost hunts and paranormal investigations, offer a unique opportunity to explore the haunted depths of this notorious prison. Walking up to the main entrance, the motto "Holding the key to a brighter future" is a mocking reminder to those who are about to be locked away.


The tiny cells are a real eye-opener, with their damp and blackspot covered walls, metal bunk beds, and stainless steel toilets that offer no privacy. The whole wing feels claustrophobic, with cages all around and just enough room for one person on the walkways.


And while much of the prison is locked down, there are still pockets that are open for exploration. The stained glass cross in the chapel, for instance, is a chilling reminder of the lives that were once lived - and lost - within these walls.


Make no mistake, Dorchester Prison is not a place for the faint of heart. But with GHT leading the way, those brave enough to venture within its haunted halls can expect an unforgettable and truly chilling experience.


From 20.00 pm -03.00 am


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Ghost Hunt at Dorchester Prison - 14th October 2023

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