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Deep within the confines of Englefield Green Social Hall in Egham lies a dormant nightmare, concealed beneath a deceivingly ordinary facade. Its grim history whispers through the ages, veiled in the shroud of countless enigmatic pursuits. But beware, for when the sun retreats beyond the horizon and darkness descends. This unassuming structure awakens, revealing its sinister nature.


Venturing through its desolate corridors, shrouded in perpetual gloom, you will find yourself ensnared in a macabre labyrinth of twisting stairs. The air grows dense with a foreboding chill, as if unseen eyes watch your every step. Shadows slither and writhe along the walls, whispering secrets long forgotten.Englefield Green Social Hall becomes a spectral playground, a realm where the boundary between the living and the dead blurs into obscurity. Within these haunted halls, you shall be lured into a dance with the otherworldly, participating in a symphony of bone-chilling experiments. Your trembling hands reach out to touch the ethereal, yearning to make contact with the restless souls trapped within its walls. But it is in the attic, that abyssal abyss where darkness unfurls its wicked tendrils, that the true malevolence thrives.


A sinister energy pulsates through the very fibers of the room, echoing the tortured whispers of those trapped in its suffocating embrace. It is here that the line between the corporeal and the spectral is at its thinnest, a gateway to the realm of the unknown. Do you possess the valor to join us in this harrowing expedition? Will you venture into the heart of Englefield Green Social Hall, where phantoms hold sway and the ethereal becomes palpable?


As you traverse these haunted halls, be prepared to confront the abominations that dwell within, to experience the unspeakable horrors that only the bravest souls can fathom. For those who enter may never truly escape the clutches of this supernatural nightmare.


Over 18's only, please. Want to book by phone? - No problem call us at 07724364333 with your credit or debit card.

Ghost Hunt At Englefield Green Social Hall

  • 30/9/23 1930 - 0000

  • 40 Harvest Road, Englefield Green, England, TW20 0QT

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