Are you brave enough to join us on a full blown ghost hunt at this amazing location

When you step Inside one of the oldest buildings in Hinckley , Leicester you will definitely be finding more than you ever bargained for. The old building is now home to a Paranormal Research Centre - The Haunted Antiques Museum and its aim is to identify what goes on both in the building and the objects that live within it.
The Paranormal Research Centre and Haunted Antiques Museum is unique in the UK and was set up in an attempt to carry out intense and deep research into haunted antiques. A question that you could be asking yourself is this - do spirits attach themselves to objects and do objects hold onto energy from their owners? their research seem as if some of these objects really do come to life. With video streaming and controlled experiments certain objects have been seen to move on their own. Some of these objects are so terrifying that just touching them will send shivers down your spine.
A Victorian pram has been seen to move on its own on many occasions and this has been caught on camera. There is the mystery of the bottles where it is said that if you open one you may be releasing an evil demon. A gruesome picture hangs on the wall which, on first glance, looks like a sweet picture of a little Victorian girl until you realise that she is actually dead. The rooms are full of these artefacts all with a stories to tell.
You will be encouraged to not only spend time with these objects but to touch & hold them to discover who or what has an attachment to it - Over 18's only.
Are you brave enough to hold a haunted object? 

Ghost Hunt At The Haunted Antiques Research Centre Hinckley 16/10/21

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  • 16/10/21 20:00 - 02:00

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