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In the stygian depths of The Smugglers Adventure, a labyrinthine expanse of subterranean caves and caverns, lies a cryptic network of secret tunnels that once cradled the most nefarious of transgressions. In ages past, the smugglers of Hastings clandestinely utilized these concealed passages to hoard and orchestrate their illicit cargo from distant seas, weaving a tapestry of darkness beneath the unsuspecting town.


Yet, the tale does not cease with mere clandestine activities. St. Clement's Caves, hewn into existence over 14,000 years ago amidst the twilight of the last known Ice Age, have borne witness to the most malevolent of occurrences in the annals of Hastings.


These caverns, metamorphosing through epochs, have served as dwelling, infirmary, refuge from aerial tumult, and, incredibly, even a ballroom graced by the august presence of the royal family and The Rolling Stones themselves.


However, within the fathomless embrace of these primeval caves, more enigmas lurk than the eye discerns. No soul is privy to the full extent of man's tenure within their convoluted recesses, nor the sinister entities that may yet reside within their serpentine passages.


The stonework, etched with arcane symbols and whispers of forgotten eras, cloaks the historical precinct in an impenetrable shroud of mystery—resisting even the most ardent endeavors of scholars seeking to unveil the veracity of this darkling past.


Do you possess the temerity to traverse the stygian unknown and confront the specters that languish within? Embark, if you dare, on a sojourn into The Smugglers Adventure Hastings, where the true horror of yore awaits to ensnare the unwary soul.


So are you brave enough ? Over 18's only . You will need good mobility to be part of this investigation.


Want to book by phone ? call us on 07724364333


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Ghost Hunt at The Smuggler's Adventure at St Clement's Caves Hastings 27/7/24

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  • 7:30pm - midnight


  • St Clement’s Caves, Hastings TN34 3JJ

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