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Are you brave enough to join us on a full blown ghost hunt at this dark location ?


If the answer is yes ....... then read on


Come, dear reader, and step into the shadowy depths of Waltham Abbey Townhall, where the echoes of the past whisper tales of the strange and the unknowable.


In the throes of the First World War, amid the chaos and despair, this hallowed hall was transformed into a bastion of hope—a Red Cross Voluntary Aid Detachment hospital. Picture it, if you will, the solemn faces of the wounded, the dying, their agonized cries echoing through the corridors.


Originally a mere shell, this edifice of healing soon burgeoned to accommodate the afflicted, boasting 40 beds initially, a number that swelled to 50 as the war raged on. And yet, even as the wounded found solace within its walls, a darker presence lingered, unseen but palpable—a spectre of suffering that clung to the very fabric of the building.


But that was not all, dear reader, for Waltham Abbey Townhall harbored secrets far older than the scars of war. Once, it stood sentinel as a fire station, its arched doorways beckoning forth the steeds of firefighters, their hooves thundering against the cobblestones in a frantic dance against the flames.


Yet, through its century-long existence, this hallowed hall has borne witness to more than just mortal strife and human endeavour. No, dear reader, for within these ancient walls, the veil between the worlds grows thin, and the denizens of the unseen realms make their presence known.


Ghosts of the past, whispers of the beyond—these are the entities that await your arrival, eager to share their tales of woe and wonder. As we embark upon this odyssey of the supernatural, know that danger lurks in every shadow, and the line between curiosity and madness grows ever fainter.


Join us, if you dare, as we delve into the mysteries that lie within Waltham Abbey Townhall. For in the darkness, there is truth to be found, and only the brave shall emerge unscathed from the depths of the unknown.


Want to buy tickets by phone ? no problem 07724364333

Ghost Hunt Waltham Abbey Townhall 28/9/24

  • 28/9/24 

    1930 - 2345

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