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Ghost Hunter Tours Experimental ITC Application


Ghost Hunter Tours Experimental ITC Application.

For best results use an external speaker & record your session on an external recorder such as Dictaphone or another mobile device or tablet then review for intelligent communication.

The audio banks are speech chopped into millisecond segments to eliminate full words coming through. It is believed by many researchers that we can communicate with spirit & this is achieved through audio manipulation, the app provides random sounds to be manipulated & possibly provide intelligent replies to questions asked when reviewed.

GHT app sweeps through 4 audio banks at randomised speeds/volume & audio pitch with option of running 3 different background sounds.
Background sound options:
White Noise
Dripping Water
The background sounds can be used alone to help enhance EVP's.

This app will not suit every Android device & the UI is designed for use on mobile devices.

All ITC tools are experimental & should only be used if you have knowledge in doing so.