One of Britain’s spookiest historic houses, Preston Manor in Brighton

Preston Manor was the home of landed gentry, a family who became one of the biggest landowners in Brighton. It has also long been rumoured to be a haunted house


The discovery of a skeleton during drainage works at Preston Manor in 1897 is well-documented as the supposed remains of Sister Agnes, a ghostly nun contacted via the 1896 séance. The skeleton could never be proved as that of a nun, but a legend was created.


Preston Manor had a haunted blue bedroom, At Preston the blue room became a library. People visiting the room have reported knocking noises, raps, thuds and the appearance of apparitions. Eleanor Macdonald died in 1903 in Preston Manor’s blue bedroom after being visited by the ghost of the White Lady who bade her farewell scaring the wits out of the night nurse, Nurse Glasspool, who was sitting up on death watch.


The Horiffic murder of Celia Holloway


On 13 August 1831, a local fisherman noticed that some earth had been recently disturbed in a wooded path known as Lover’s Walk, near Preston Park. Further investigation revealed fragments of clothing and, before long, the grim discovery of a dismembered body. Blood-stained fragments of wood were found nearby


Her husband at the time, while pretending to embrace her, he slipped a rope around her neck and, with his lover Ann Kennet's help, strangled her. The following day, Holloway returned to the scene of the crime to dispose of the body. First, he cut off her head, arms and legs – he had once worked as a butcher’s boy and it was noted in the local press that Celia’s limbs had been ‘amputated with skill’

Preston Manor

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