Slough Fort is a small artillery fort that was built at Allhallows-on-Sea in the north of the Hoo Peninsula in Kent. Constructed in 1867, the D-shaped fort was intended to guard a vulnerable stretch of the River Thames against possible enemy landings during a period of tension with France.


Slough Fort was initially armed with seven 7-inch rifled breech loaders (RBLs) positioned in the casemates. It was manned by three officers, one NCO and 75 other ranks.[1] Between October 1889 and December 1891, a pair of wing batteries were constructed from concrete on either side of the fort, with a range finder position being added to the fort's roof. The new batteries accommodated two 9.2-inch and two 6-inch breech loaders on disappearing mountings, allowing them to recess below ground level once they had fired. These were much more powerful and longer ranged weapons than the old RBLs and were capable of engaging a battleship at a substantial distance.

Slough Fort(Allhalows) Halloween Speacial

  • Slough Fort
    Allhallows, Rochester ME3 9QF
  • 31st October 2020 19:30 pm -00.00 am

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