The Old Bank

Located at the start of the High Street, The Old Bank was built in 1895, as a bank. The building has a main support column that encapsulates the strong room and safe. The building has five floors and is a fantastic example of Victorian architecture.

The bank was built to house the ‘customer area’ on the ground floor with the first floor used for bank offices, the second and third floors were homes for the bank workers and were habited up until around 1960. The Bank Managers flat is a separate area and is not accessed through the main building.

Covering 2 - 6 High Street and then backing onto a council car park, the bank has seen many comings and goings throughout the last century. Originally the car park housed the famous Wombwell market, which was full of market stalls on Tuesdays' and Fridays, the market was extremely busy with the other market place across the road. Over the years the market has depleted with around ten stalls sitting on the main shopping parade. Many of the buildings in the surrounding area were built towards the late 1890s, some of these building have been long gone but Wombwell’s historical past is still alive and kicking.


During renovations since the bank was purchased, there's been quite a lot of paranormal activity. Tools were moved, lights switched on and a gentleman in his mid thirties has also been seen on the back stairs. The man was wearing a shirt, tie and knitted tank top pullover, he has also been seen in the downstairs rooms, just walking past. We have had no communication with him, he just wanders...

The Old Bank Wombeswell

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  • 4 High St, Wombwell, Barnsley S73 0AW

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