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Are You Brave Enough?

GHT organize the most amazing real-life ghost hunts in the UK’s most terrifyingly haunted locations.

Do you have what it takes to investigate a haunted building with our mediums & paranormal investigators?

If so then join the Ghost Hunter Tours Team. You can take part in real experiments such as table tipping, glass devination, vigils, séances, experiments and Ouija Boards.  You will not be an observer on these events as you will take

part fully in all of the activities and draw your own conclusions.

Whether you are a seasoned paranormal investigator or a beginner you are always given a warm welcome by the GHT crew. You will witness first hand the most haunted things happening right in front of you!

GHT run ghost hunts at haunted castles, prisons, caves, mansions, tunnels, houses and abandoned buildings around the UK. We think we scared just about everyone who has been on one of our tours!!

Are you brave enough to join us on a ghost hunt?


Ghost Hunts in the UK

Are You Brave Enough?

GHT Brings you some of the most haunted and active venues in the UK.  We also endeavour

to find you, new locations never before made available to the public


Our Paranormal  investigations

Join us at some of the most haunted and active venues across the country. Check out some of our videos.



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