Welcome to the Ghost Hunter Tours Help Center. Learn all about our business and why we’re the right ghost hunting company for you. Check out our all our event and locations we investigate. If you have any additional questions that haven’t been answered in our FAQ page, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.


Will I get a ticket ?

This is a ticketless event. All you need to do is visit the event page on where and when to come. We will have a list of every one booked on the event. If you ha booked and paid for others. We will tick off the number of guest when you arrive. You might like to send us there contact information prior to an event.

What should I wear ?

This is a tricky question. Very much dependent on the location and time of year. The main thing is to wera comfotable shoe. We advise against any heels as a lot of place we visit have uneven floor. Clothing wise many of our event occur in doors but even then these places can get cold over the night. So, warm layer . If it get hot you can alway take of a layer. If it gets colder you cant. Also please bring a torch with you

How old do you have to be to come on an event ?

You must be over 18 to attend one of our events. We do offer private event which has a low age requirement subject to a parents approval/attendance.

I can no longer go to the event is my deposit returnable ?

Unfortunatley ticket are non-refundable and cant  be swopped to other event. This due to us having to pay the venue in advance for the venue. You are also not able to resell your ticket to anyone. We are happy to offer them to our client base for you. If we can resell them for you we will

If I am running late can I still get in ?

 Generally if you are late there is a high change you wont be permitted entry as all phone are turned off and we would have no way of knowing you have arrived. If you are running late you should notify us as soon as possible. If we are aware you are going to be late we may be able to have someone made aware so could have someone to let you  in. But as a general rule once the doors are close there is no entry. You have an obligation to make sure you arrive on time.

How do I pay my final balance ?

Around two weeks prior to the event we will send you via email (please check you spam/junk foldr) an invoice for the outstanding balance via PayPal. If you do not recive this please call the number on our website. Email may come under the name The Switch Organisation rather then Ghost Hunter Tours.

Is there car parking at event ?

Many location we visit do have car parking. But you should make your own investigation prior to your arrive. We do try to post this information  on the event page where we can.

Where will I find details for my event ?

We post all detail for events on our facebook page the day before the event. So you need to check this page and tag anyone you are bring with you. So, they might see the information as well.

Am I guaranteed to see a ghost ?

That is a good questions. Not easly answered as different people experience different thing. The medium and claivoyants who work with us have some form of contact with spirit or recive message via their spirit guide. Others engage spirt via a board or table tipping. Like in life nothing can be gauranteed. But who knows you might be the lucky one.

Can I bring my own equipment ?

You are more then welcome to bring your own equipment. However if it starts effecting out equipent or disturbing other guest. We may ask you to stop using it.

Am I Allowed to take photographs ?

We activley encourge geusts to take lots of photographs. The only thing we ask is you shout FLASH before taking your pictures so, gesut are not left seening orbs the rest of the night

Am I allow to drink ?

We operate a ZERO tolerance on drinking or drug taking at any of our events. Anyone arriving under the influance of either will be turned away and no refund will be offered. The same goes if we find people drinking or taking drugs (other then medical) during our events. You will be asked to leave.

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