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Sat, 14 Oct


North Weald Bassett

North Weald Railway Station

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North Weald Railway Station
North Weald Railway Station

Time & Location

14 Oct 2023, 19:30 – 15 Oct 2023, 13:15

North Weald Bassett, Station Rd, Watermans Way, North Weald Bassett, Epping CM16 6BW, UK

About the Event

Ghost Hunt At North Weald Train Station Welcome to the North Weald Train Station Museum, a place shrouded in darkness and despair. As you step inside, the air thickens with an eerie presence, and the very walls seem to whisper chilling tales of the past. The staff who inhabit this forsaken ground have been tormented by spectral apparitions, haunted by the sight of ghostly figures lurking in the shadows. And if that weren't enough to curdle the blood, the mournful sound of a guard's whistle pierces the silence, blown by unseen hands. This cursed station has witnessed numerous deaths throughout its long and sordid history. The echoes of tragedy still resonate in the depths of its corridors. In a macabre twist of fate, the roaring might of an RAF Black Arrows Hunter jet fighter once tore through the sky, only to meet a gruesome fate upon the very tracks of North Weald. The pilot's life was claimed in an instant, forever binding his spirit to this accursed site. It is said that the wailing specter of his final flight lingers, the haunting echoes of his demise reverberating through the night, a chilling reminder of the horrors that unfolded. But the horrors do not end there. Another unfortunate soul, a guard charged with protecting the station, met a grisly demise. Crushed beneath an unseen force, his life was snuffed out as he blew his whistle in desperate agony. The mournful sound of that ill-fated whistle still resonates, a haunting melody that permeates the very essence of this desolate place. Over the years, countless reports of strange happenings have plagued this unhallowed ground. Unexplained phenomena have plagued the unsuspecting souls who dare to tread upon its cursed soil. The mysteries that surround this wretched location have remained unresolved, shrouded in darkness, taunting and tantalizing those who seek to uncover the truth. And now, we embark on an unprecedented investigation. On that fateful night of 13/10/18, we set foot upon this malevolent domain, unearthing secrets that chilled us to the core. Our guests, brave souls who ventured into the unknown, were left in awe and terror. The mysteries that gripped this historical tapestry came alive before their eyes, ensnaring their very souls in a web of terror. Come, my friends, if you dare. Experience the true depths of horror at this history-rich and intriguing location. Let the ghosts of the past guide your path as you delve into the heart of darkness. North Weald Train Station Museum awaits, ready to consume your every fear and leave you forever changed.


  • North Weald Railway Station

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