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Blue Bell Hill Ghost

The ghost of Blue Bell Hill is one of the most famous ghost stories ever to come out of Kent.

The main road linking Medway and Maidstone has been the topic of many ghostly sightings over the years, and it all started back in 1965.

On November 19, Susan Browne and her two friends tragically died in a car crash.

The 22-year-old was returning from her hen night when her Ford Cortina spun out of control on the A229, colliding with a Jaguar heading the other way.

Susan was due to marry RAF technician Brian Wetton the following day.

Despite a common belief that she died on the road, it was actually her friend Patricia Ferguson, who passed away there.

Miss Browne and Judith Lingham died a few days later in Maidstone Hospital.

For the 50th anniversary of the crash a number of spiritual believers gathered outside the Lower Bell pub, nearby.

"When it was the 50th anniversary the paranormal teams picked up some weird stuff. They had this device that meant you could hear the ghosts and it picked up some voices, screaming and shouting for help.

There have also been stories of a girl who stares into the eyes of drivers as she steps out into the road, unable to stop cars crashing into her - but when a driver checks to see if she is okay, she has vanished.

As well as the reports of the ghost jumping in front of cars, there have also been four reported experiences of a female hitch-hiker on Bluebell Hill. Motorists pull over to pick her up, only for her to disappear from the back seat shortly after setting off. #ght

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