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Your Psychic Ability V's Tech

With the rise over the past few years of technology in the field of paranormal research , have you found you are slowly over time not using your innate abilities of psychic awareness , are they becoming dormant as you let the technology take over .

We are seeing in all areas of life the rise of technology the synthetic transition of Artificial intelligence which will over time render the organic human to become denser.

Your physical body is so much more than you may realize , you are consciousness , an energetic field , and understanding this opens you to deeper realms of possibilities on investigations , this information isn't new but by relying solely on the technology , you aren't giving enough credit to how receptive you actually are , and potentially you are missing out on breathtaking experiences and sensory depriving yourself.

You are an earthen vessel , which is vitally important to understand you are also a spiritual multidimensional biological being so that being said you can form resonance with like energy so with the earth , with everything of the earth which means spirit.

So many get into the mindset that spirit beings are so separate to us , that couldn't be further from the truth , remember you are spirit .

Apply this mindset whilst out in the field at Historical locations in abandoned spaces , in everyday life , it will serve you well and you will experience more personal communication , as you understand who you are .

So instead of instantly going in for a itc session with no foundation work , do the foundation work go back to base , build the vibration don't just stand around your equipment waiting for it to pick up a reception and broadcast to you , alongside your technology you too broadcast in intent to receive ,build the energy , work with the energy around you .

All communication is an energetic exchange .

If you set all your equipment up prior , get it up and running and just let it do its thing of recording , have the itc apps running in the background if that’s your thing , but the magic happens when you begin to sensitize to your space , you build and work with the energy in your environment . You have to feel your space , all spaces , locations , land will have many layers to them and although many layers will be in the distant past the layers are multidimensional , just as you are , you have to build a connection , you build emotional resonance , you work with the earth , work with the nature elements , everything in your environment is energy , everything from the rocks to the breeze, you concentrate not on your equipment , but focus on communication increasing its momentum with energy in motion.

So you open yourself up , ground and centre and have the intent to receive , with your heart open in gratitude and love , a high consciousness always includes the earth , with practice You can Start to feel at cellular level and the land will talk to you , when you become one with the land you become one with the history and you start to open yourself up to the wisdom , wisdom is information and you enter other realms via the vision and feelings of clairaudience , clairsentience, claircognizance and so on and as the third eye receives combined with vision of the physical , two worlds cross , they merge and in those moments they seem as one , and the history of that space becomes alive , you ask the land if it will connect with you , you ask the keepers of the land , the energy of the land to connect with you , you do this to build a connection you build the energy , with passion and purpose , the land the spirits the ancestors will be aware of the surge of energy which they can draw from and greet you , you will start to pick up intuitively , more questions will then flow , but questions based on what is being received , rather than just suggestion from your apps , you will also be surprised what is recorded , if you have an itc app running as it scans through the channels through the banks , even whilst sensitized to your environment you will hear responses right in the moment , you can go live with this , your viewers will experience this too , they can take screen shots as the energy builds and even via the method of remote viewing tune into the space and write down what they are feeling , receiving .

We will aim to invite you to join us on a live when future timelines allow.

If you are fortunate to have field testing equipment that measures variables in the atmosphere, then you can record these changes which complies a stronger hypothesis for further investigation . We combine the study of past events via the intuitive experience as well as in physical study forming a case file we can cross reference . In these times of the rise of technology and the ever increasing speed in transhumanism , it is important to work with consciousness at organic level , which will lead to the evolution and expansion of human consciousness , you are very capable of having an experience organically via consciousness transfer , future timelines will see the merge with machines , where your experiences will be computer generated simulation and the use of electronic equipment such has an helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors , and whilst there is a place for technology In the future that enhances , we need to push forward that we need to evolve spiritually before we evolve in technically.

Nicky Goldingay - GHT Lead Investigator.

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