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More Ghostly Tales in People's own words...

As ghost hunters we get approached by many people who have unexplained things going on either at their workplace or home - here below is an account from someone that used to work in a popular pub & hotel in Maidstone Kent - The White Rabbit.

The location itself is very interesting indeed

The Grade II listed building on Sandling Road has had a colourful history, serving as the officers' mess for Invicta Barracks, built in 1779 as a reaction to the threat of Napoleon

Here's her account of her time there :

In 2003 I was working in the White Rabbit as a room attendant in the upstairs rooms. There are 12 rooms for the public, rooms 1-9 on the first floor, rooms 10-12 on the second but room no 13 also on the second floor was always used by the assistant manager as a ‘live in’ room. We would all often talk of the strange things going on upstairs, when we used to be on the top floor we would always hear footsteps on the stairs, and various other noises, there was never anyone up there only myself and Jane who I worked with. Sometimes we’d stick our head out the door of whatever room to see if anyone was around but there never was, the ‘please service my room’ signs would always be swinging from the door handles though. The assistant manager would always say that he would go to bed in room 13 with the door shut and light off but when he woke in the morning, the light would be on and the door open, we always thought he was messing about with us. When he left, Jane and I were asked to give his room a good clean. Once we had done most of it I suggested to Jane that she go to make a start on rooms 10-12 while I hoover room 13, so off she went. I can remember to this day, once I had finished I stopped at the door and took a quick look around to make sure the room was as it should be, I hesitated, did I lock the door or not at I left? Nothing in there really but if I lock it and we need to get it again we have the master key, so to be on the safe side, I dropped the catch locking the door and left to find Jane. We were together the whole time we were cleaning the rooms. Room 12 was further down the corridor and once we had finished we had to pass Room 13 to get back to the laundry room, Jane stopped and asked me “Did you lock the door?” I nodded and replied “Yes I did” Jane took the handle to check, she promptly twisted the handle and walked straight into the room, not only that, but the light was on, we hadn’t even had the light on!!! I’m a believer, always have been but that was too much for me? We had to go for a break because I was so shocked by it. I’ve never had a real experience like that, one that I couldn’t justify. We went and had a tea break, but I refused to go up on that second floor on my own ever again. When I first started there I was told that many people have experienced various things there. Jane’s daughter had seen a little girl in a room in that should have been empty, she checked with Jane, they went back but the girl was gone. I was told that the ghosts there are friendly and have never harmed anyone. The building was the original officers mess for the army, so we guessed that many went to war and never came back, well, maybe they did. Scared the wits out of me I know that!

Anyone fancy a sleep over in room 13 ??

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